GenoMEL Annual Scientific Meeting and MELGEN Training 2017 in Italian Riviera


Picturesque beauty of Italian Riviera welcomed GenoMEL members and 17 ESRs this year in the beautiful fishing village of Camogli, Genoa.
The meeting returned to the place of its inception after 20 years and for this, a special thank goes to the GenoMEL members of University of Genoa. It was three wonderful days of scientific brainstorming on various aspects of familial and sporadic melanoma, that went together with memorable gastronomic experiences on beachside restaurants and a boat trip to the beautiful village of Portofino.
This year GenoMEL meeting was of special importance to all ESRs, as they presented their work in the form of posters and 7 oral presentations, selected through a peer-reviewed process by MELGEN PI’s. The presentation audience included all other GenoMEL members and a scientific monitor from the European Commission who discussed about the projects with each ESR at great length. The review process went smooth and the audience, including the monitor, lauded the performances of all the ESRs.

After the conclusion of GenoMEL meeting, ESRs underwent two days of workshop on statistical and bioinformatics training relevant for their PhD projects.
Statistical training organised by Dr. Jenny Barrett and Dr. Jeremie Nsengimana from University of Leeds, encompassed various aspects of statistical challenges one faces in research, especially regarding study design, testing hypotheses and validation of findings. One additional session was dedicated to answer questions about ESRs own research problems.
Dr. Göran Jönsson and Dr. Martin Lauss from Lund University organised the bioinformatics workshop; here, the main emphasis was to get proficient with the handling of large genomic and transcriptomic data, along with necessary data driven analyses.
Altogether, this workshop was a great learning experience for the ESRs, who would use the knowledge in their respective projects. At the end of the workshop, the two ESRs Adriana Sanna and Renata Váraljai were awarded for best oral and poster presentation respectively, judged by the GenoMEL members.

This annual joint was a grand success and all the ESRs are now looking forward to meeting in Essen in 2018.

  • Written by Shamik Mitra, ESR09