ESR03 – Marina Juraleviciute – based in Oslo

Project Title: iPSC derived melanocytes as in vitro melanoma models

Hi everyone! I am Marina Juraleviciute and I was born and raised in a wonderful city of Vilnius. My interest in natural sciences arose in the high school and after finishing it I entered bachelor studies of Modern Technologies Physics at Vilnius University. As my enthusiasm only grew I finished my master’s in Biophysics at the same alma mater. During the study years I participated in Erasmus student exchange program and went for one semester to study to Ljubljana (Slovenia). I took the chance and participated at Erasmus+ graduate programme. It was a six months placement at The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Institute for Cancer Research. Those were an extremely beneficial and inspiring experiences. Quite recently I became a part of MELGEN network which I am very excited about.

Science is fun and interesting, but there are other things that I enjoy as well. Whenever it is possible I travel and explore new destinations. I am passionate about the photography so these two activities often complement each other. I like reading, there is no particular literature genre I prefer, but I’m hung up on Haruki Murakami’s novels now.