ESR05 – Joanna Pozniak – based in Leeds

Project Title: Gene expression variation in primary melanoma in immunological pathways related to survival.

I have obtained a BSc degree in Molecular Biology, and an International Master degree in Medical Biotechnology, co-funded by the European Union within the European Social Fund, at the Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) in Poznan, Poland.

I have been interested in cancer since I started my studies. Therefore, I took part in many activities to gather and share knowledge about cancer. I have taken part in conferences in Poland and abroad. I founded a Student Association Section of Molecular Cancer Research aiming at informing students and teenagers via organizing lectures/quizzes/laboratory performances in various science festivals.

There is not only science, which amazes me in this world. I love to explore nature gifts such as wind and snow by windsurfing and snowboarding. I enjoy spending time at the sea side and in the mountains with my friends and family, especially with my one-year-old son Hugo. Additionally, from time to time I try to play drums, which raises many protests from my family members.