ESR06 – Sathya Muraldihar – based in Leeds

Project Title: Establishing the role of smouldering inflammation in suppression of adaptive immunity and therefore survival from melanoma.

I have been fascinated by cancer ever since I realised that it is caused not by foreign germs, but by rogue cells within our own selves. This fascination led me to major in Cancer Biology at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, thus helping me understand the disease better. Fascination eventually became an obsession, motivating me to conduct cancer research as part of my PhD. Being part of MELGEN, my research aims to understand how melanoma is influenced by genetic factors as well as our own immune system, thus leading to the possibility of more effective detection and treatment choices for melanoma patients.

When I’m not dabbling with science I enjoy cooking, painting, travelling and practicing yoga. I am also a movie buff and an ardent science fiction fan, which often help me realise that facts and fiction are not very far apart!