ESR08 – Catarina Salgado – based in Leiden

Project Title: Examining tumour cell heterogeneity in melanoma metastasis using single cell genomic technologies.

I was born in Porto, Portugal’s 2nd largest city, best known for its unique historical landscape, exquisite cuisine and world-renowned wines.

Back when I was 8-years old, my teacher brought a book with biographies of historical characters. That day, my homework was to do a summary of Marie Curie’s life. This homework brought to life my dream of becoming a scientist in awe of Curie’s perseverance. Eventually, the dream came true, and I applied for a First Degree in Biology and afterwards to a Master Degree in Molecular Oncology granted by University of Porto. In 2011, I joined Ipatimup as a trainee, to develop my master’s thesis, focused on familial thyroid carcinoma. Alongside I have also contributed to other oncobiology research projects at Ipatimup. These first steps into scientific research showed me how challenging yet fulfilling this world can be. Consistent with my professional goals, I applied and was accepted into MELGEN network as a PhD student.

Apart from science, spending time with family and friends and finding new and quaint restaurants are my favourite hobbies. I also enjoy travelling and reading. Sports are also an essential part of my life as a way of managing the daily stress.