ESR09 – Shamik Mitra – based in Lund

Project Title: Establishing the clinical relevance of gene expression phenotypes identified in melanomas

I am a Marie Curie ESR fellow in Melanoma Genomics under Prof. Dr. Göran Jönsson at Lund University, Sweden. A bioinformatician by training, my research interest lies in the field of data science and its application to solve clinical research problems. I am particularly interested about investigating links between genetic and epigenetic modifications associated with cancer.

My bachelor studies in Biomedical Engineering familiarised me with the impact of medical science and technology on daily life. At postgraduate level, I wanted to go deep into the cellular and molecular level understanding of clinical research problems from computational perspective. My postgraduate studies in Bioinformatics (a one year diploma and a subsequent master’s programme) have provided me the suitable platform for that.

Apart from my academic activities, I enjoy reading both International and Indian literature (Franz Kafka to Dan Brown, whichever I can get hold of!). Poetry has been a long time love for me, especially poems of John Keats. And last but not the least, I am a gourmet and always try to experiment with dishes from different cuisines!