ESR11 – Rita Cabrita – based in Lund

Project Title: Transcriptional modules exposing related therapeutic vulnerabilities in melanoma

I am from a country where you can taste the greatest custard pastry, listen to Fado, get crazy about football and enjoy great weather all year round: Portugal.

I did a Masters in Molecular Biology and Genetics in the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon. I developed my thesis in the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Italy, in chromosomal instability and aneuploidy.

I bumped into science because of my dad, who surrounded me with biology books and scientific magazines, allowing me to realize how amazing this field is. From then onwards my academic and professional career have been developing like a snowball, until I ended up having the great opportunity to join MELGEN network.

I am passionate about almost all kinds of science, but molecular science and particularly cancer amaze me.

But my life is not only about science and I like to enjoy whatever it has to offer. In my free time I like to travel, hang out with my family and friends, play sports, such as basketball and swimming, go to the movies, read, and, coming from Portugal, it would be impossible not to say this part: eat good food!