ESR12 – Rohit Thakur – based in Leeds

Project Title: Developing statistical and bioinformatic analysis of genomic data from tumours

Deploying the concepts from mathematics and applying to understand biological pathways and expression networks is an interesting concept. This interest grew in me while pursuing the undergraduate course in Bioinformatics at VIT University, India. An aspiring computational biologist also require interdisciplinary knowledge of biochemical concepts as well as, needs to be adept in computational and programming proficiency. Research experiences at Alpha Net Technologies (India), IISER Pune (India) and EMBL-EBI (UK), provided me with the opportunity to acquire this proficiency.

I always look forward to become part of intellectual discussion groups and had the experience of working for an initiative called RSG India that promotes networking amongst computational biologists in India. I am an active sports player and play cricket and basketball. I also seek to help humanity and have been a part of the NGO named “MAD” (Make A Difference) helping underprivileged students by guiding them to pursue their dream. Experiences inside and outside the lab helped me recognize my ‘driving force’ and career aspirations. My research interest lies broadly in the area of cancer genomics. I look forward to a career as a researcher developing algorithms and designing virtual diagnostic systems which would impact healthcare treatments in the long run.