ESR14 – Sonia Leonardelli – based in Essen

Project Title: Evaluating clinical implications and prognostic value of less frequent somatic mutations in melanoma, and understanding the role of senescence.

I am an Italian student who graduated from University of Trento (IT) with Master degree in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology. Since my strong motivation in cancer research, I was selected to be part of this amazing group of young researchers and contribute with my work towards a most extensive knowledge on melanoma.

Apart from studying, I love traveling and seeing the beauty of the world, going to the most beautiful beaches and the most famous cities. I also love good food, therefore I never miss out the possibility to have a good dinner with friends, cooking for everyone or ordering delicious meals. Finally, I enjoy watching movies. In fact, I look forward to every years’ nominations for the Academy Awards, to guess who the winners will be.