SWISS1 – Sabrina Hogan – based in Zurich

Project Title: Immune profiling of melanoma patients undergoing immunotherapies

Since my childhood I have always been fascinated by the human body. When I started my Bachelor in Biology at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. For my Masters I decided to focus on Medical biology, namely Cancer and Immunology. I find this field extremely interesting and motivating, as the end goal of the studies is to help to improve thousands of patient’s lives.

Following my MSc, I had the opportunity to work for 7 months in a large and reputable pharmaceutical research organization (Nestlé Research Center) as a Junior Research Assistant. Then, I moved to the UK where I undertook a MRes in Biomedical Research at the University of Reading and carried out an 8 months research project on the regulation of metastasis in Rhabdomyosarcoma. I am currently pursuing a PhD aimed at profiling immune responses in melanoma patients undergoing immunotherapy at the University of Zürich Hospital (Switzerland). This position will also help improve my level of German as I was born in the west part of Switzerland and my first language is French.

Regarding my extracurricular activities, I enjoy travelling and doing all kinds of sports, which I like to teach as well. I have done a season as a ski/snowboard instructor and taught tennis for many years. I enjoy coaching, I find it very rewarding.