Introducing Dr Sonia Leonardelli

December 2019 Essen, Germany 2019 ended with a successful PhD defense! Congratulations to Dr. Sonia Leonardelli for defending her PhD dissertation entitled “Genomic and non-genomic alterations in melanoma contributing to disease progression and therapy resistance”. During her PhD Sonia (ESR14; University Hospital of Essen) focused on understanding the mechanismsRead More

Introducing Dr Renata Varaljai and Dr Rohit Thakur…

It is with great pride that we can announce that the first two of the MELGEN early stage researchers have successfully completed their PhD studies and passed their PhD Dissertation (also known as a Thesis) defence interviews (referred to in the UK as a Viva). Dr Renata Veraljai wasRead More

MELGEN at the European Researchers’ Night 2018!

European Researchers’ Night is an annual open science initiative that occurs in September which is dedicated to bringing popular science and the work of scientists into the general public. Over the course of two days, there are several events that are organized across Europe which help to interact andRead More

New Cancer Progress Report 2018 from AACR

The AACR (American Association of Cancer Research) has just released a new Cancer Progress Report for 2018. This report not only takes about straight science, but easily explains the basis of cancer development, summaries the risk factors and talks about what is the future of cancer research. The report alsoRead More

SMR2018 in Manchester: MELGEN will be there!

Most of the PhD students from the MELGEN will take part in the 15th International Congress of the Society for Melanoma Research. It will take place in Manchester, England, October 24-27, 2018. The Society for Melanoma Research 2018 Congress is a global meeting where melanoma experts, both clinicians andRead More

Latest melanoma drug approvals: adjuvant dabrafenib plus trametinib

New drug combination: adjuvant dabrafenib plus trametinib for BRAF-mutant stage III melanoma The European Commission approved the combination of dabrafenib plus trametinib (Tafinlar® and Mekinist® by Novartis) for the adjuvant therapy of complete surgically resected stage III melanoma patients with BRAFV600 mutation. The dual targeting of the hyper-activated MAPKRead More

Latest melanoma drug approvals: encorafenib plus binimetinib

New drug combination: encorafenib plus binimetinib for BRAF-mutant metastatic melanoma Another milestone in the treatment of BRAFV600-mutant metastatic melanoma was marked by the newly approved drug combination of encorafenib plus binimetinib [Braftovi and Mektovi, by Array BioPharma Inc; approved by U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on June 27,Read More