MELGEN group leader Dr. David Adams elected as Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Congratulations to Dr. David Adams for his well-deserved election to the Academy of Medical Sciences (F.Med.Sci). Dr. David Adams was elected as one of 48 Fellows to join the highly prestigious academy, which includes senior researchers and academics from across the medical sciences and industry.

About the fellowship

The Fellows are selected yearly from over 300 candidates based on their excellence in science, exceptional contributions to biomedical research and important scientific developments, with the overall aim of turning their research achievements into benefits for patients and the wider community.


Dr. David Adams F.Med.Sci

About Dr. David Adams

Dr. David Adams specializes in cancer genetics, functional genomics and gene editing. His research shaped our current understanding of key biological processes that contribute to tumor growth and metastasis. The research goal of his group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is to understand predisposition to cancer, mechanisms that influence tumor growth via cutting-edge genomic technologies and functional studies.

We wish Dr. Adams continued success in his career!

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