MELGEN at the European Researchers’ Night 2018!

European Researchers’ Night is an annual open science initiative that occurs in September which is dedicated to bringing popular science and the work of scientists into the general public. Over the course of two days, there are several events that are organized across Europe which help to interact and engage with children, teenagers and adults of all ages through lectures, workshops, outreach activities, talks and open discussions. This year, European Researchers’ Night will be held on the 28th-29th of September with members of MELGEN participating across Europe!

The students in Cambridge (ESR01 Aravind Sankar and ESR07 Sofia Chen) will be involved in an activity focussed on sun safety and UV radiation through DNA-UV bead bracelets, similar to the activity described here.

The students in Essen (ESR14 Sonia Leonardelli and ESR15 Renata Varaljai) will be distributing flyers around the city to raise awareness about skin cancer and UV protection.

One of the students in Leiden (ESR02 Eirini Christodoulou) will be heading to Rotterdam where she will present a poster about melanoma awareness and genetic susceptibility, as well as giving a 7 minute pitch of her work.

All of these activities will also introduce the work done through the MELGEN Network to the general lay public and promote science as a prominent career choice.

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