We can make a difference!

World Cancer Day

February 4th is the day when people all around the world stand together in the fight against cancer. World Cancer Day is raising awareness against cancer with one goal: save lives by providing education about this life-threatening disease and highlight the importance of prevention. It also became a day for cancer survivors and their families to unite and show the world that life can be fulfilling after diagnosis.

It is our pleasure to take part in this mission, and we are proud that our blog posts were included on the organization`s resources page.

Make a difference!

A few reasons why we want to make a difference:

  • Melanoma accounts for 4% of the skin cancer cases, but responsible for over 80% of all skin cancer related deaths1
  • There are around 100 000 new cases every year in Europe2
  • Accounting for 22000 deaths per year in Europe2

A few reasons why we can make a difference:

  • In the past decade the development of powerful treatments revolutionized melanoma care and research is continuously providing a basis for the development of cancer drugs
  • A wider perspective is provided by the enhanced collaborations between industry and academia
  • Advances in our understanding of melanoma biology and innovative technologies mean tremendous changes for the patients

So, let`s not give up when it gets tough and when we face difficulties in our research. Cancer is complex, so let`s rethink, reorganize, join forces! Even if you miss that dinner party or that movie premier. In the end I`m sure everyone around us already accepted our passion for science and that our love for our research is unbreakable. (Yes, even my husband has made his peace with it). So, the next time when you end up sitting alone late in the evening in an empty lab and you ask yourself “why am I doing this?”  think about the stories of cancer survivors and that you go to work every morning to make a difference. Because you can.


Dedicated to all, who have lost the fight, and to all who won’t quit the fight.

Special thanks to World Cancer Day  for the use of posters and banner.



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Written by Renata Varaljai ESR15. Thank you for Sonia Leonardelli for proofreading and comments.