Helping. Researching. Informing.

Dr. Mildred Scheel was the founder of the Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid), which is Germany’s leading non-governmental funding and non-profit-making organization of oncology-related activities. The German Cancer Aid is based in Bonn and aims to promote innovative research and to educate and inform. Its motto is: “Helping. Researching. Informing.”, and clearly represents the objective underlying the generous funding from Dr. Mildred Scheel. The German Cancer Aid became with time the most important private source of funding for cancer research in Germany.

Twice a year the Mildred Scheel Cancer Conference is held in Bonn, where cancer researcher experts can meet and discuss the latest developments in basic and translational cancer research. The conference gives the opportunity to renowned speakers to show their latest results and allows also early career researchers to show their research and present their work with the cancer science community through flash talks and poster presentations.

This year, on 15 – 16 May 2019, many topics were discussed, from very basic research mechanisms like DNA repair and metabolism within cancer cells to immunotherapy and personalized medicine, which are becoming more and more important for patient treatment. For more details, you can find the program here:

It was a pleasure to present my poster during this conference and discuss my latest results with experts in the field.