Social Networks – The new weapon in the war against melanoma

One should not judge a book by its cover. Unlike other skin cancer types, melanoma may look harmless in the beginning. However, it can be one of the most aggressive skin cancer types, which may result in fatality if it remains untreated. Our focus is melanoma research.

One central question that always puzzles melanoma researchers is how to increase the awareness about the disease. Since Europeans and North Americans are so fond of sunbathing, any argument against it would sound like absolute heresy! Scientific evidence strongly suggests that sunbathing causes melanoma. Still, it is extremely difficult to reach the sunbathing public in such a way that will change their attitude to risk.

Why are we still stuck in our own porch when we can use the power of social networks to wage war against melanoma? Thanks to social networks, we can reach the world in seconds! Creating online campaigns and advertisements will raise awareness about the challenges of the disease. Increased access to podcasts with established researchers could answer the queries of the general public. Digital networks such as this blog, Facebook and Twitter are no longer confined to the younger generation.

“Even my grandma messaged me yesterday on Facebook about how my studies are going!”

MELGEN students have the opportunity to explore the use of social networking to connect with the public about melanoma and their research.

Social networks are our new weapons in melanoma research, let’s use them. Welcome to our blog!

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