MELGEN Training Commences…

On Monday 18th January 16 of the MELGEN students gathered in Leiden ready to embark on what will be the first of many training events designed to turn these young scientists into outstanding researchers.

In a packed programme of learning spanning 10 days they are taking part in a series of lecture and practical courses. These are aimed at giving each student, no matter what their PhD discipline, a sound grounding in a number of key subjects necessary for their future careers. The course begins with a series of lectures, delivered by leading scientists in the field of melanoma research, to bring the students up to speed with melanoma genetic research to date. They will also cover the use of genetics and its application in understanding risk of development of disease and determining outcome. Practical courses, hosted by our partner organisation GenomeScan, will give the students chance to learn the skills needed for using cutting edge technologies, such as next generation sequencing. Finally, statisticians from the University Of Leeds, together with those from GenomeScan and another partner Eagle Genomics, will introduce students to the statistical methodology needed to analyse the big data sets produced by such technologies to ensure they have the knowledge how to interpret data in a meaningful way.

MELGEN students at Leiden
The MELGEN ESRs gathered in Leiden together with some of the scientists delivering the training from Leiden University Medical Centre (Dr Nelleke Gruis and Dr Mijke Visser), GenomeScan (Prof Bart Janssen), and the University of Leeds (Prof Tim Bishop and Prof Julia Newton Bishop

As an additional benefit the students will have the chance to get to know each other, forming a support network that will allow them to gain the most from the PhD experiences. They are also being asked to form an Early Stage Researcher Forum to elect members to MELGEN’s Supervisory Board and Dissemination and Impact SubCommittee so that they have a say in how MELGEN will run and how the science can best be presented to a wider audience.

Over the next few days we will post more information on the Blog showing the MELGEN students in action.