Ramelyte, et al. – Summary

Ramelyte E, Schindler SA, Dummer R. The safety of anti PD-1 therapeutics for the treatment of melanoma. Expert Opin Drug Saf. 2017 Jan;16(1):41-53.

The recent introduction of anti-PD1 treatment revolutionised clinical management of metastatic melanoma. Although better tolerated than other therapies such as chemotherapy, it can still induce acute side effects. This paper seeks to review the current literature related to safety and adverse events associated with anti-PD1 treatment. Given the recent implementation of the drug, it is important to carefully report and list all potential side effects in order to recognise them early on and treat them efficiently. When adverse events are well managed, it can prevent patients from having to discontinue treatment course. Furthermore, given the significant increase in patient’s life expectancy, it is also essential to understand and prevent potential long-term adverse events, which could occur after treatment.

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